Trudeau Announces  $200 Million Funding to rebuild Iraq’s Economy

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Justin Trudeau has announced the Canadian government will help with Iraq’s badly burned and damaged economy, to the tune of $200 million, does Canada have a fat wallet we don’t know about?

Leaders from around the world are coming together to discuss funding for Iraq, the plan is to raise $2 billion, and Canada has the biggest wallet so far, according to the Trudeau liberals, the money will be for de-mining efforts and long-term stability.

Canada’s $200-million pledge will go towards Iraq as a loan and will help restructure the country, and hopefully bring a better economy to a country that was torn down by radical jihadist.

But does the government believe the funds won’t be used to violate human rights in a country where ISIS has some control? ISIS controls the government in Iraq, most of their territories are in Syria, but the Islamic State has expanded into Iraq and the economy is controlled by Sharia Law jihadists.

Canada on the other hand has their own sets of issues with the economy, Western Canada and the natural gas sector is starving, but the Trudeau government put in very little effort if any to help grow after 100,000 jobs have been lost over the last 17 months, Trudeau and the liberal government don’t care about Western Canada, it’s the private sector that’s stepping up and keeping small energy companies alive.

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Some reports from Canadian Press. 


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