Notley has killed Alberta, now she targets Sask. Brad Wall is pissed

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Once again Alberta Premier Rachel Notley made the headlines by raising beer prices (taxes) the markup will be $1.25 for every litre sold, regardless where it’s from, Saskatchewan buys a lot of beer from Alberta and businesses in Saskatchewan will have to pay the difference.

This will cost more for everyone including Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan, there’s a provincial political battle happening and it’s because the NDP is raising taxes on everything, it’s a sheme to try and earn back the money they have spent, the budget revealed they will go above and beyond their spending ceiling.

“We’re going to be forced to pass on the higher tax rate to our customers and, in turn, our consumers. You could see the price of a case of beer — 24 cans — going up by almost seven dollars a case,” “It’s a very material increase.” Great Western Brewing Co. president and CEO Michael Micovcin said.

Brad Wall wasn’t happy with Notley’s plan, Saskatchewan may have to introduce tougher trade regulations on Alberta liquor in retaliation, if this continues Sask. lose businesses and jobs hinted Wall.

“Unfortunately that’s one of the options that we’d have to look at in terms of reacting,” Wall said.

“We don’t want to. We’ll have the discussion first with the premier, because literally there are jobs and a the viability of Saskatchewan businesses at stake.”

The NDP has done more harm than good for Alberta so far, by moving away from Coal and Alberta’s rich natural energy sector to adding Carbon Tax and much more, how long will she continue on her path of destruction? 100,000 jobs lost and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, we need to see that light now, not in 2018 when oil prices will go up again.  “Snotley”

The hiked beer prices will come into affect on Aug. 5, the beer tax that Brad Wall lowered just last year. 

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Some reports from Global.