Young POT HEADS who voted Liberal for legal weed will suffer the most

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Just like the headline says, this is not meant for the average person working for a living and wanting to smoke a joint once in a while, this is for the 18-25 year-olds who sit at home in their moms basement smoke pot every chance they get. 

During Canada Day weekend I met a few of those guys at a family supper, I asked them what they did for a living?

“I went to school for four years and now I’m just waiting for a job” said one of them in his early 20’s while smoking on a vaper.

They knew I worked in the oilfield, they tried to convince me to get out of the oilfield and get a real job, “Canada is moving away from the energy sector, you should go to school for something like I did” he said. 

There was three of them, they all looked the same, they had no clue how to chop wood for the fire we had after supper. 

We got talking about politics, at that point I already assumed I knew who they voted for, “Yeah I voted Liberal because we need change and I wanna smoke pot legally” said the second guy. 

I asked them if they had any idea of the conditions there would be, they all agreed there won’t be any conditions, they want to be able to smoke pot in their basement, unlimited amounts with their friends. 

So there you go, three idiots who have no clue how to work a real job, smoke pop, go to school, get out of school 100k in debt, still have no job, sit and vape until pot becomes legal, and play unlimited amounts of video games. 

But that’s not all, they will lose out financially as well, the liberal government has put Canada so far into debt, the next two generations will suffer from that alone, they will have to pay their way out of it with more taxes being added daily. 

Beware young Canadians, you screwed only yourselves, soon you will have to get off your ass and get an actual job, and not live off your parents money for too long, the energy sector is here to stay, for now anyway. 

While I agree pot should be legal, you shouldn’t vote for that purpose alone.