The fifth sexual assault just happened in Halifax involving a cab driver

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There have been five sexual assaults this year in Halifax involving cab drivers.

Police say a woman was picked up on July 9 at around 9 pm in Halifax, after the ride the woman the driver how much she owes for the ride, the cab driver replied and said the machine is broken and will take a few minutes to fix it. 

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

While waiting, police say the man tried to kiss the woman, locked her door and touched her in a “sexual manner” over her clothing without her consent.

Police say the man spoke with an accent, and was about five-feet-seven-inches, with short dark hair and pronounced nose.

It’s the fifth assault involving a cab driver in recent months, and police are investigating the possibility that it is related to some of the earlier incidents.

CBC said there was four attacks before this one which was just reported today.