Trudeau is going to impose a strong Carbon Tax, and take your last dollar 

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Justin Trudeau is excited, but we’re not, this week Trudeau made headlines when he announced to give Iraq’s economy a boost by giving them a loan of $200 million to help rebuild their war torn economy. 

Millions going out of Canada, and out of your pockets, Trudeau also announced he will not back down and bring Carbon pricing across Canada.

“We’re going to make sure there is a strong price on carbon right across the country and we’re hoping that the provinces are going to be able to do that in a way for themselves,” Trudeau said on CBC’s Power & Politics.

“We’re going to be looking at making sure that the way they do that is going to be sufficient to both protect our environment and reduce our emissions and get that reassurance not just from Canadians, but from our trading partners, that Canada is serious about the environment.”

That will come across hard in Saskatchewan as Premier Brad Wall who is the most opposed to Carbon tax out of all the Premiers in Canada. 

Alberta and Ontario will suffer much more as their premiers get horny when there’s talk about raising taxes such as Carbon tax, in fact, they probably have orgasm bigger than they have with their partners which will make them less popular in polls, they will continue to lose their support but not before they have destroyed these provinces. 

Alberta already has a Carbon tax which Rachel Notley imposed earlier this year, the chances in prices will take affect in Jan 2017, but the biggest question remains unanswered, is Trudeau’s Carbon tax across the country going to be added on top of the Carbon prices Notley and Ontario already had?

If that’s the case, many Canadians will be hit with a double whammy, you will be forever sorry you voted for the liberal party, that’s only your fault and I hope you have to use your last dollar to fill your tank of gas to wherever you need to go, I’m sorry Trudeau supporters, you will soon be hit with reality-checks like you’ve never seen before. 

Here’s a small fact for you, carbon pricing has never lowered greenhouse gas emissions like promised, you’re being had, all that extra money you’re paying, or will be paying is going up in smoke never to return. 

Some reports from Toronto Sun.


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