BREAKING: 8 dead in shopping mall shooting 

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Terrorist have struck again, this time at a busy mall in German city of Munich on Friday, police say at least 8 people have been killed and possibly more, the number of people injured is unknown. 

The city quickly went into lockdown mode and police told people to get off the streets as the Gunmen are still at large.

No arrests have been made at this time, police say it’s a shooting rampage and they are currently looking for suspects. 

“We are telling the people of Munich there are shooters on the run who are dangerous,” said police. “We are urging people to stay indoors.” 

Munich newspaper TZ said one of the shooters was dead and another paper said he shot himself in the head. 

“Many shots were fired, I can’t say how many but it’s been a lot,” said a shop worker hiding in a store room inside the mall.

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