Liberal government facing six months JAIL TIME, investigations pending

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It’s been revealed the Liberal government has put many of their employees on approved leave and have not sent their ROE pink slips, many are still waiting, and now since this story has gone public, some are receiving their slips. 

Lawyers say the offence for employers is six months jail time and $2000 in fines, but before investigators start looking into the cases those affected need to call the RCMP and take the case to the next level, police say no one has called yet. Violating the Employment Insurance Act is a punishable offence. 

However those are employees that voted for the liberals and won’t report them to police, the Feds are ensuring everything will be settled with employees and said it was a technical glitch and too many “wheels are spinning”

“We have the pay centre trying to deliver pay in a timely matter and release records of employment. We have the government who is trying to implement a new pay system. So we have a series of conveyors and wheels trying to spin at the same time but they’re not linked. So, it’s frustrating,” said Donna Lackie, national president of the Government Services Union, which is a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

All it takes to solve this is a story that makes it public to get the “wheels to stop spinning” and former government workers receive their funds, at this point investigation are pending until those affected call the police, police say they won’t responde 

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