It’s Trudeau’s fault Canada is in early stages of poverty and it’s about to get WORSE

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Since Justin Trudeau took power last fall he has sent billions to foreign countries, the number is staggering to a near $10 billion being funded from the Canadian government to provide aid in Syria, schooling and to help other countries such as Iraq with $200 million loan to help re-build their war torn economy.

Trudeau has avoided funding infrastructure projects in Canada, only 2 major infrastructure projects have been announced by the Trudeau government so far, disaster relief efforts have been lacking as Fort McMurray fire victims received pocket change from the government, $300 million will go towards Fort McMurray fire victims, this is one of Canada’s worst disasters in history and Trudeau gave them very little, $300 million doesn’t go very far when 2000 people lost their homes and 88,000 had to be evacuated for a month.

Trudeau has also made it impossible for oil companies in western Canada to survive, with no efforts at all to help rebuild the oil rut Alberta is in now, many are suffering, nearly 1 million people have been affected with the oil crash in Alberta, 100,000 have been affected directly by losing their jobs and many have lots their small businesses due to bad energy economy, even Rachel Notley is pleading for help with more relief efforts from the Feds, or she’s pretending to ask for help.

Trudeau is not helping the situation by nearly banning pipelines until 2025, pipelines are approved but with so many conditions from activists that it’s nearly impossible to get final approvals to start digging for pipeline placements, we’re making America and Arab countries rich by buying their blood oil, oil can’t go to Canadian markets with no pipelines.

Many oil workers are now feeding their families with little money coming in from Unemployment Benefits which barely cover monthly costs, but these benefits are getting close to their expiring dates and people will be left to defend for themselves.

So for now Canada is in early stages of poverty and the future is not looking good, it’s possible Trudeau could win another term which will take more time to fix the damage, each year Trudeau is in power adds 10 years of damage to the economy.

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