Trudeau tries to deport Soldiers while importing thousands of refugees

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The Trudeau liberal government has taken legal action to try and deport American soldiers who fled to Canada and didn’t want to join the Iraq war, soldier plead to have that Trudeau grant them residency status.

These soldiers came to Canada in hopes Trudeau will allow them to stay and join activists group instead of fighting the American-Iraq war.

The Star reports:

American soldiers who fled to Canada rather than fight in Iraq joined activists and a Liberal backbencher on Friday to urge the government of Justin Trudeau to end legal action against them and grant them residency status.

“I’m shocked and dismayed that it’s still going on,” former U.S. Marine Cpl. Dean Walcott, 34, who came to Canada in 2006, told a news conference.

Walcott, who lives with his wife and Canadian-born children in Peterborough, Ont., is one of four American soldiers whose cases are due in Federal Court in September. Activists say the litigation is going forward even though Trudeau expressed support for the war dodgers during last year’s election campaign and told The Canadian Press earlier this year that his government was actively looking into the issue.

His wife, Ashlea, choked back tears as she described the stress of not knowing whether they and their three Canadian-born children — aged 8, 6, and 3 — will be forced to leave their home in Port Colborne, Ont., and return to the U.S. to face a possible court martial.

“We came to Canada to save his life,” she said. “Canada is our home and is the only home our children have known.”

In the wake of all this the Trudeau government brings in thousands of Muslim refugees with only a handful of those being Christian, some say as many as 25 percent of those refugees could be radicalized and brainwashed from birth, the feds have put a budget on them of $2.65 billion and given them legal Canadian residency.

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