Sask. Muslims say Canadians have no rights to free speech and want to change rights

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What’s the meaning of free speech? Canadian Muslims want to change the Canadian Charter of Rights to protect themselves from Islam insults, Saskatoon Muslims say Canadians don’t know what insults are, insults are not freedom of speech they say. 

Global News said the Saskatoon Muslim community gathered together to protest against freedom of speech holding signs saying “freedom of speech has limits” and “insults aren’t freedom of speech” at the city hall. 

Mustafa Mustaan, the organizer of the event said “We have to stop it, and we have to come to an intellectual debate.”

“Whoever defends this insult has to know that they are accepting intellectual defeat because we, as human beings, are not to insult, but to intellectually debate each other.”

Many people say Islam is not Islam if it’s not old order sharia law, including many moderate Muslims, some reports say nearly 80 percent of moderate Muslims want sharia law. 

With so many Islam terrorist attacks in Paris and around the world over the last few months, and stats saying 80 percent of moderate Muslims living in western countries want to impose sharia law, is it hard to keep insults inside? And not talk about it? This takes away your rights to safety and your rights to live. 

Where the 80 percent of moderate Muslims who prefer sharia law over the western laws? Here’s a video, they were individually asked.

Not only do Muslims want to impose sharia law, but also liberal and Hillary supporters say it’s the right thing to do, they got tricked by Marc Dice, an independent journalists, watch:

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