Trudeau has allowed ISIS to expand throughout the world, Freedom has expired

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Back in October 2015 the Justin Trudeau and the liberal government took control ad Canada’s leader of what used to be a free country, especially under Harper who continued to promote freedom and less taxes.

Justin Trudeau is known as the jihadist of Canada, hates Albeta and is putting our safety at risk, he said Canada is not at war with the biggest jihad group in the world (ISIS), but we are, and our future is looking from as more and more Syrian refugees are coming to Canada without proper screening.

With Russia, France and United States under Donald Trump next year bombing the living hell out of Isis in Syria, they have managed to contain them says Obama, but that’s the biggest lie anyone has ever told.

ISIS has managed to radicalize many young Canadians and many young individuals throughout the world, we take the Nice, France attack, a 31-year-old married man wasn’t directly affiliated with ISIS, but he believed the sharia law version of Islam that ISIS is teaching with their propoganda videos.

And like him, many ISIS followers get radicalized by the power of social media, Facebook and Twitter, especially young teens who grew up behind video games and laptops and have no social life, they also believe they have mid life crisis at 16-years-old, they think they need boyfriends at 16, when they realize it doesn’t work like that, they fall in love with radicals and get lured to join.

Justin Trudeau has decided to stop bombing ISIS and try and negotiate peace with the radical group, maybe one of those Jets could have saved the Nice, France attack? Just maybe, we will never know.

All we know now is that our Canadian future is unknown, the liberals have bad stats so far, nothing they have done has benefited Canadians, there’s been more harm done this year than good for Canada.

Our freedom has expired in October 2019.


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