Canadian serial rapist gets parole, HIDE YOUR WIFE AND KIDS

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The Vancouver justice system has failed us, Larry Takahashi, who is Canada’s worst rapists get parole, his original sentence was three life sentences. 

Takahashi was arrested in 1983 and was breaking into homes and sexually assaulting women wearing a ski mask, he was known to assault over 100 women, many who are unaccounted for, he faced charged for only 22 women. 

Global news reports:

The Parole Board says multiple psychiatric assessments showed Takahashi has a tendency to be “selfish, callous, and remorseless.”

They deem him to be a moderate-to-high risk for sexual and violent re-offending. Though he admits he continues to have fantasies about raping women, the Parole Board believes he is able to “manage them.”

Takahashi, now 63, was previously released on parole in 2013 and was supposed to spend 60 days in a half-way house in Victoria. He was sent back to prison early after only a few weeks.

The incident was the latest in several parole violations that sent him back behind bars. In August 2005 while on day parole, Takahashi met with a convicted sex offender in Vancouver and was ordered back to prison.

Restrictions of his parole include the conditions that he does not consume alcohol or drugs, follows his treatment plan, not use pornography, stay away from any college or university campus, avoid his victims, and respect curfew. He also must not pick up or drive any female passengers in a car or use computers or the internet.

Something is very wrong with our justice system and needs to be fixed, soon you may have to hide your kids and wife, this is the second criminal released after being convicted of rape and murder in under a month.