Expenses are about to skyrocket, Alberta NDP is taking forced loan from Albertans

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It’s happening in Ontario, and now starts in Alberta, Albertans are about to be hit with more expenses to pay off some of the debt the NDP has created. 

They promise to raise energy costs but lie and say everyone will get reimbursed, usually that’s called a loan, the NDP will force you to pay, and give it back to you in the future. Huh? That’s what I thought, what’s going on? 

NDP’s Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman said it won’t be anytime soon, it will be in the coming months, right now we’re just crunching numbers to see how much we should charge Albertans.

“We’re certainly doing that work to assess what the impacts will be and try to project it forward,” says Hoffman, who sounds all fired up.

“We expect those costs will show up on our bills but we’re fighting to make sure they get reimbursed back to ratepayers. It doesn’t feel moral and it appears not to be legal either.”

Local energy contracts from Calgary are trying to break contract, and Notley will be taking them to court in November, the contract agreement says It says they can exit a contract if the province changes a law and makes it “more unprofitable.”

We’re just seeing the start of this downfall the NDP has brought upon Alberta, it will take many years to get back to where Alberta was just last year. And don’t blame oil prices. 

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