VIDEO: American Muslims are moving to Trudeau’s Canada if Trump wins

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What do American Muslims think of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States? Some feel like they need to move, some have already searched, and planned to move just in case trump wins.

Donald Trump once said about radical Muslims “They’re not coming to this country if I’m President”

Why would Trump say that? I do agree with Trump, there have been hundreds of terror attacks in the world over the last few month, all were Muslim and had connections to Islamic State, so on that note, how many radical Muslims are there in this world?

According to reports, around 7% of the worlds Islamic population are engaged in some active form of terror activity, in some sort of active support, planning or implementing mode.  7% seems like a relatively small proportion.  However, assuming a moderate estimate of 1.5 billion Muslims, even 5% would be what?

 5% of 1.5 billion = “only” 75 million (75,000,000) are actively involved in some phase of violent Jihad.

American Muslims are afraid of Donald Trump and “Canada’s Trudeau” is inviting them with open arms, some American Muslims are asked what they will do if Trump wins.

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