Does Alberta want to be it’s own Country?

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A recent poll by Insights West reports that 23 percent of Albertans want to separate and become their own country, Quebeckers want separation too, from Canada, by 32 percent! Maybe they want to get away from Alberta and their equalization payments? I don’t think so.

From The Rebel

Alberta separatism is within spitting distance of Quebec separatism.

Some of that separatism is an expression of outrage at Rachel Notley.

But Notley is part of a national conspiracy of anti-Alberta politicians and anti-oil lobbyists, who are strong in British Columbia, with all the eco-extremist groups.

They’re strong in Justin Trudeau’s government, and strong in the media — all of whom hate Alberta and oil and gas and pipelines.

We haven’t seen the last of Alberta separatism.

And like his father Pierre Trudeau, that suits Justin Trudeau just fine. He needs an internal enemy to attack, to blame, to divide.