NDP Alberta will have to step down after trying to scam election budget

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You can call it what you want, I call it a ‘scam’ or a ‘hack’, if you try to gain advantage of the election system by making it impossible for other parties to campaign, you are using your powers to give yourself an edge, right? That’s exactly what Rachel Notley and the NDP are doing, cutting election campaign budgets for future campaigns.

The NDP had decided to throw out the idea to cap election campaign budgets by 60 percent, or $1.6 million based on the budget other parties used in their 2015 campaigns, that will cut budget for 2019 and give Notley an edge to win another term.

Notley can continue to campaign from today right up until the next election in 2019, but other parties who Albertans want to vote for may have problems getting their messages out, their messages that Albertans need to hear via TV commercials, social media and other advertising, with limited funds, they can’t get their messaged out, the liberal media will charge more for ad spots when a conservative party want to campaign, this is why liberal polls and leftists polls are wrong, it comes down to what the publisher can afford.

Wildrose MLA Jason Nixon, who sits on the ethics committee, suspects the NDP is putting forward a spending cap out of concern it will be at a disadvantage in the 2019 election.
Nevertheless, Nixon said Wildrose is not opposed to a spending limit, though there are concerns the NDP’s proposed cap is too low.
“Our biggest concern is that we’re not handcuffing parties so much they can’t actually get out and communicate with Albertans,” said Nixon.
He said some of the rural constituencies are so large they require significant resources to cover. At the same time, a lower spending cap may give an unfair advantage to incumbents who generally start a campaign with much higher name recognition than their rivals, he said.
Notley’s NDP has been losing more and more support daily, Albertans are showing frustration on social media, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter when ‘the NDP will step down, Notley has been on a downward spiral by increasing taxes and not doing enough to bring back the good economy Alberta once had, more wallets are being emptied on a daily basis, crime and suicide rate is up at record levels in Alberta, something will have to give, and hopefully before more damaged is caused she will step down.