Man wants to meet 14-year-old virgin, and doesn’t want to be filmed

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Creep catchers has found another man who wants to meet a 14-year-old virgin, this man continuously asks not to be filmed and is curious as to where the footage will go and how it will ruin his life, he shows aggression towards the creep catcher team.

The video description says

Hey Everyone Meet Jordan 23 years old, Now on his PoF profile it stated that he was 22 years old how ever upon meeting and in the video Jordan goes to say hes 23 , Now in the chat logs you will see Jordan asked 14 year Old Samantha if she was a virgin or if we have ever masturbated before and wanted her to come over and hang out and stay the night now we were trying to leave this Male in the video by he wanted to try and talk his way out of this just digging him self deeper and deeper, This guys a real creep guys be sure to share! He goes by JordanBonnell on POF

We have done some research and found this man on POF, click here to see his profile on POF, share this and expose him good.