Trudeau’s Refugee Policy Is Nothing More Than a Shambling Mess

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Justin Trudeau, the poster boy for the country’s liberals, is slowly leading the country towards a disaster. Wherever he goes, he leaves a trail of dangerous decisions and broken promises. For Trudeau, promises come easy. The reality behind these policy goals, however, is much different.

One such example is his promise to invite around 60,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of the year. The artificial gesture towards the refugees may have earned him major political points, but the decision is doing irreversible damage to the peace, security, and stability of the country.

Reports Of Violence

As the media was busy fawning over his purported brilliance in quantum computing, some of the more worrying stories were simply swept under the rug. For instance, in April, an article in the Chronicle Herald reporting incidents of violence by refugees against Canadian Children was taken down due to fears that it might appear “insensitive”.

The article featured the story of a woman, nicknamed “Missy,” whose daughter had been choked with a chain and whose son was threatened on the soccer field by refugee children. And before the liberal bandwagon starts accusing her of being a refugee-hater, it’s important to mention that she did initially welcome Syrians with open arms.

“I did a clothing drive when they first came”, she says. “I’m all for the transition. I just can’t let this keep happening. Something has to be done about it.”

Integration Efforts

Bringing the refugees into the country was the easiest step. However, the situation post arrival can only be described as an unprecedented mess. The country is now stuck with over 28,000 outsiders with no jobs, no prospects, and no future.

Even aside from the dangers of radicalization and violence, integrating these refugees into the fray of Canadian values and culture is next to impossible. They face language barriers, financial problems, and mental health issues.

For those who want to sponsor the refugees, the government isn’t being helpful enough. And those who were promised to be sponsored by the government have been all but abandoned.

With the socioeconomic disadvantage the refugees face, Trudeau has not created a safe haven for those fleeing from ISIS. He has created a breeding ground for new ISIS recruits on Canadian territory.


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