New homes coming to refugees displaced by fire

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BC refugees who lost their homes in a fire are going to receive new homes, provincial and federal agencies are working to find the residents permanent housing, a fire has gutted their apartment building in Coquitlam BC.

Ten Syrian refugees who suffered the loss have already received temporary housing and living essentials and will be placed into permanent housing in the coming weeks. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Immigrant Settlement Services of BC (ISSofBC), Emergency Management BC, Emergency Social Services in the Tri-Cities, the Red Cross, Concert Properties, BC Housing, and the Fraser Health Authority have all been involved in the effort so far reports CTV

This comes just two months after 2000 people lost their homes in Fort McMurray as forest fires raged through the city, the federal government donated $300 million which was using for temporary housing, no one living in Fort McMurray will receive permanganate housing under Governemnt funds.

In Fort McMurray everyone is left to fend for themselves, and dealing with insurance has proven to be painful to some, not enough evidence has been found for some, many are left homeless and many had to move their lives to whole new cities, the rough times Fort McMurray fire victims are going through will never be forgotten.

The federal government has already forgotten Fort McMurray, Trudeau is siding with Syrian refugees and giving a better living advantage than Canadians who have lived here for years.

Everyone should receive the same treatment 

It doesn’t matter if you’re Syrian refugee or have lived in Canada for years, the Trudeau Governemnt needs to wake up and stop taking sides, all Canadians wether new or old should receive the same treatment financially and emotionally. 

It’s going to be a ongoing battle between Canadians and the Trudeau government, it may take another election or two to realize this for the left Canadians, spread the word to get it out faster.