Why Trudeau and Obama Should Learn a Thing (or Two) from Vladmir Putin on ISIS, Syria and the Assad Regime

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Do you want to known the problem with liberals? Liberals ignore reality when they are unable to change it, and then when it doesn’t go away, they complain that it’s the conservatives fault. Well, let’s just see whose fault it is really.

It pains Americans and Canadians to admit it, but Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is leading the charge against threats as serious as ISIS instead of US President Barack Obama and Canada’s Trudeau Liberal leader. 

 To many, this is astonishing (and it should be), because this has happened for the first time in modern history. Yes folks, the US and Canada is NOT leading the charge for freedom. Instead, it’s Putin, who seems to be the only one who realizes that bad things need to happen to bad people, while the Obama Administration is working on a way to co-exist.

Putin also seems to be the only person who’s ready to do what needs to be done in order to contain and wipe out ISIS.

To understand what happened, we need to go back to the previous US elections. It is no secret that Obama owes much of his re-election to very smart political strategists, Bruce Springsteen’s aura of authenticity, an unpalatable opponent, rich people, and bad weather. And let’s not forget the 50 million strong Americans who voted, but may be hurting now. Reason being, we’re nearly eight years in, and there seems to be no improvement on even dealing with financial reform, health insurance, immigration reform, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and pretty much every Middle East country that’s in ruin, the Arab Spring, Guantanamo, drones, the spying NSA, even dealing with racial divisions hasn’t worked out quit according to plan.

In short, Obama has made the US irrelevant. Which now begs the question, “Who’s the better grand strategist? Obama, or Putin? While both men of course depend on their intelligence capabilities and trusted advisors on just about every judgment, why is it that the crafty former KGB agent seems to get it right, while the former law professor seems lost in translation? A quick way of addressing this question is to simply take a broader look at how the two have dealt with similar problems.

Justin Trudeau has the biggest ISIS loving quote ever said by a politician “If you kill your enemies, they win”

The Stance on Syria

While it is fair to say that Obama inherited many foreign policy debacles, courtesy of George W. Bush, which were difficult to abandon without being accused of retreating. Where Obama fell short was in his inability to liquidate the unsound positions that were bequeathed by his predecessor. In other words, Obama should have pulled out of Afghanistan faster, he should have never gone after Gaddafi in Libya, and what about Syria. In contrast, Russian president Putin has had more success in playing a more active role even with a seemingly weak hand in the politics in the Middle East.

Putin’s goals in Syria also seem to be equally realistic and simple as compared to that of Obamas and Trudeau, Putin is looking to preserve the Assad regime so that it remains a meaningful political entity, rather than getting rid of it altogether as Obama did in Libya. While news reports make it seem like Putin is trying to conquer Syria, or restore the Alawites to power. But, he’s certainly not pursuing some quixotic vision of turning Syria into a democracy. In comparison, Obama’s goals toward the conflict in Syria has been a combination of strategic contradictions and wishful thinking, which I guess, makes it the next guy’s problem (and let’s hope it’s the guy!).

Obama will be out this year, and who knows how long Trudeau will be in.