Unemployment in Canada: Staggering Statistics – Ontario and Alberta Are In Bad Shape

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The latest statistics about unemployment in Canada are out. And it does not look good.

Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights from the report:

Lost jobs: The most shocking statistic, among many, is the number of jobs lost in the month of July. A staggering 31,200 jobs were lost in a single month. The number of people with full-time jobs decreased dramatically and even fewer younger people were employed.

Shattered expectations: These statistics are the entire opposites of many estimates by analysts who believed that Canada’s economy will create around 10,000 jobs in July.

Increase in unemployment: As the jobs went down the unemployment rate went up 0.1 percent from June’s statistics. It now stands at 6.9 percent.

Worst statistics in months: The number of full-time employed people decreased by a staggering 71,400. This is the biggest decrease since October 2011. The disaster was partially averted by an increase of around 40,200 part-time jobs.

No hope for the youth: The situation appears to be worsened for many of the youth of Canada. There are 28,000 fewer jobs for the ages 15-24.

Decline in government employees: In July alone, the number of public sector employees fell by 42,000.

New job figures woefully low: Over the past year, Canada managed to add only 0.4 percent new jobs. This is less than half the amount required to keep up with growing population.

The Worst Performers

Ontario and Alberta emerged as some of the worst performers in the area of unemployment. Led by the Liberal Kathleen Wynne and the NDP’s Rachel Notley, respectively, both provinces continued to struggle economically. The latest unemployment figures are a result of gross economic mismanagement by both provinces.

Over in Ontario, 36,000 jobs were lost in the month of July alone. This, according to Statistics Canada, is the first big decline in jobs in the province since last fall. This also goes against the many boastful claims of Premier Kathleen Wynne who proudly stated that Ontario was performing better than Canada, the US, or any other G7 country.

Alberta didn’t fare well either. The unemployment rate continued to increase in the month of July and increased to a shocking 8.6 per cent, the highest unemployment rate in Alberta since 1994. Here, too, another disinterested leader, Rachel Notley, continues to wreak havoc on the economy.

Coming under fire for the latest beer tax policy, Notley’s New Democrats are continuing to struggle on the national level. Their party finds themselves amidst a serious leadership crisis. Their federal fundraising is dropping like a stone and the party continues to lose popular support due to their highly disastrous policies. The latest unemployment statistics certainly won’t help them earn more supporters.

Is The Census Responsible?

Some of the commentators are claiming that the reason for the spike in unemployment is the end of the 2016 census which led to a significant increase in public sector jobs.

But Andrew Fields, an analyst with Statistics Canada does not think so. “The occupations related to census in federal public admin did not drive the decline in July,” he said.


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