How Great is Canada (vs. the U.S.) Exactly?

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America (along with the rest of the world) thinks of Canada as a polite, less stressed cousin everybody assumes is probably in denial or high. How else can anybody be that happy? But the notion that The Great White North is actually a frozen cultural wasteland bereft of all things cool couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief the cold climate and the country’s newest blue-eyed leader isn’t the only thing that’s cool about Canada.

Canada is Relatively Safer

As compared to America, this country has the lowest rate of assaults of any country in the world. An average of 75% of Canadians say that they feel safe taking a stroll out at night. And although the Canada’s homicide rate isn’t anything to feel smug about, the fact is that Canadians are less likely to get murdered than Americans.

Canada has a Great Reputation

Canada has a great reputation in the world in fact, the country enjoys the best reputation, period. This is not our opinion either, according to an international survey that was carried out in 2013, Canada came up on top out of 50 countries, even edging out some very prosperous Scandinavian countries.

Canada Provides Great Healthcare

Thanks to Canada’s awesome healthcare system, a child born today can expect to live up until the ripe old age of 81 years old, putting the country’s mortality rate two full years ahead of the US. While comparing the healthcare systems of the two countries is difficult, the point is, Canadians live longer than Americans.

Canadians Kids are Amongst the World’s Smartest

According to the Programme of International Student Assessment, students from Canada average top scores in reading, science and math. The PISA ranking gave Canadian high school sophomores a score of 522, which is the higher than the OECD average of 497. That being said, both Canada and the US have the same number of high school graduates.

Canadians Healthier

Don’t get this wrong, we have our share of obese, but according to a study that measured the average concentration of particulate matter in the air in cities with the population is more than 100,000, Canada came out fifth, behind only Australia and Estonia with an average concentration of 14.5 as compared to the US which had an average of17.8.

Living in Canada is Awesome

According to the OECD’s survey on better living standards, Canadian’s ranked their satisfaction levels at 7.6, out of a scale from 1 to 10 in a general satisfaction level with life poll. Sweden and Norway were the only two countries which ranked higher, America on the other hand, came out 7th in the index.

Ending Note

In normal, everyday discourse, Canada is only referred to by Americans as a butt of endless jokes, or by those who threaten to leave the country (now we know why!). But the truth is, Canada, has a lot to celebrate and be proud about. We are very accepting, not too judgemental, and so polite it hurts sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that! (In case you’re wondering, I said that with a smile ☺).


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