Ban the Muslim veil in public places, says UKIP

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The UK Independence Party  is a Eurosceptic and right-wing populist political party in the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in Newton Abbot, Devon.

The party leader Lisa Duffy said to ban Muslim veils in places where hoodies are not allowed to make Muslim women feel more “British” in public places. 

Duffy said women who are born here should feel the same way Brits do, “Muslims who were simply born in this country…are as British as I am and I simply want them to feel as British as I do,”

Duffy doesn’t want to ban the veil for all Muslims, “On our public transport networks, in public buildings, banks, stores and shopping precincts – all those places where teenagers are told to take their hoodies down and where motorcyclists are expected to remove their helmets – it is only reasonable to expect everyone to show their faces.”

Reports from RT:

The rule should apply “just as much to the retinues accompanying Middle Eastern princes to London as it will to Muslim women living in Britain,” Duffy is expected to say.

She will say it should not be regarded as Islamophobic for someone to politely request that a woman remove her veil in public.

“I have a positive vision for British Islam where girls can grow up with equal rights to men and be given the rights of self-determination the rest of us take for granted.”

She will add: “Why should I, as a white, Christian woman, effectively enjoy greater civil and human rights and freedoms than others?”

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