“I am ISIS and my people will cut off your b—s, Christian”

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Sometimes, the criminal justice system is just beyond comprehension.

It has been three years since the murder of Lee Rigby and it seems that the British government has learned nothing about dealing with hate crimes and violent terrorists.

This became evident in the way the government dealt with a Muslim man who repeatedly threatened to behead innocent members of the public just because of their religion. The 41-year-old Iranian terrorist was arrested while he was carrying a curved knife designed specifically to behead people and threatened to kill them. Not just that. He was about to carry out his plans before he was apprehended.

“I am ISIS and my people will cut off your b—s, Christians,” he yelled at the top of his voice.

Wondering what punishment did he receive for his heinous crimes?

He was set free.

Yes! The British authorities could not acquire his passport and complete the paperwork required to deport him, so they did the next logical thing. They set him loose on the streets. All the authorities managed to do was to re-house him 250 miles away from where the incident had occurred.

This news highlights how easy it is for these barbaric terrorists to reside within the folds of civilized society and how hard it is for authorities to follow legal procedure to combat these terrorists. What about their victims? What about those of us who live in the constant fear of being attacked? It seems that no one in a position of authority seems to care about that.

Twenty-two year old Stephen Daumler suffers from flashbacks and panic attacks as a result of this incident. He was one of the people threatened, and almost attacked, by the knife-wielding terrorist. The wave of Islamic violence is taking over our streets and the terrorists have been successful in inducing fear into the heart of innocent citizens.

A terrorist, by definition, is one who wants to spread terror. With these incidents, it’s clear they’re getting what they want. When will the victims get what they deserve?



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