Trudeau is a Dangerous Idiot- Here’s Why

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While our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and his fluffy fan club is sticking to the policy of offering ISIS a latte and croissant if they don’t attack Canada, the terrorists on the other hand, have another idea. And as if the names of dozens of Canadians in a ISIS hit-list wasn’t enough to send shivers down one’s spine, there have been recent reports that Islamic State has formed a terror cell in Syria that’s devoted to reaching out to Canadians via social media.

This is not surprising, since the lone wolf attacks by radicalized young men and women is far more difficult to track down by law enforcement.Meanwhile, Tradeu’s response to the whole matter is that the greatest threat to Islamic State is a diverse and open society in which Muslims immigrants can integrate into fully and eventually adopt the customs of a secular society. Reading this one question comes to mind. Is this young man so naïve. Because if Trudeau is then he may very well be Canada’s very own Obama, and if that’s the case, then God save Canada from this man’s trivial mind.

The problem here is that the West is so busy in being politically correct that it has stopped paying attention to reality and the truth, which is that Muslims aren’t here to ‘assimilate.’ Some people just don’t want to hear the truth that Islam is not a religion, but an oppressive, bigoted political movement, which is based on a so-called ideology. The only reason why there are so-called moderate Muslims in the West is because they have either never read the Quran or conveniently deny ever reading the violence and hate professed in it. That’s the reason why when confronted by the truth, these moderates are the first to respond, “We haven’t read such a thing in the Quran.”

It’s time for the Trudeau administration to stop trying to be so damn politically correct, wake up and smell the stupidity of their stupid policies.