“We Marched Through The Night To Cut And Behead.” This Will Shock You!

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The ISIS has a flair for extremely disturbing theatrics.

In a recent video that seems straight out of a horror film, a young ISIS supporter in a veil is singing a song straight out of your nightmares. She wields a knife and she uses it to behead a doll.

“My sword has been sharpened and I will destroy you,” she sings.

“With sport of night, young men of terror, the Islamic State will remain and expand.”

The video was uploaded by ISIS on its Telegram account for the world to see. And the world did witness the horrific brutality after the Middle East Media Research Institute translated the lyrics from Arabic and uploaded the video on their networks.

I’m not sure what’s scarier—the horrific murderous lyrics of her song, the fact that she appears to be underage, the terror-inducing future plans she hints at, or the way she flicks her knife before doing what she does.

I thought about it a lot. And I came to the conclusion that what chills me the most is not what she sings or does but the casual attitude with which she does it.

And this, to me, speaks volumes about the attitude of those who commit violent acts in the name of religion. It’s said that the terrorists are not insane. They’re individuals who make rational choices to achieve a set of pre-defined goals. Religion, people believe, is nothing more than a ploy they use to achieve their worldly pursuits.

Is it, though?

I, for one, do not believe that these are individuals who choose to make a rational choice. Do they even have a choice? There’s nothing quite rational in being taught to hate people you don’t even know at such a young age. It’s the belief—the belief that defies all moral reasoning, the belief that defines how you view the world, the belief that teaches you to hate others just because they worship another God.

And this is what we all need to realize… before it’s too late.


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