Why Canada and the West Should not Take in More Refugees

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President Barack Obama has declared that the US would be taking in more Muslim refugees, especially after the sorry situation in Syria. While Barack Obama’s recent declaration seems to be ideologically driven, more than 25 governors have stood against the issue of taking in Syrian refugees. And they seem to have a point. Here we are going to mention some of reasons why the West should not take in more refugees.

The Refugees will Worsen the Debt Situation

First off, the US is already staring down the barrel of a $19 trillion debt along with the $210 trillion in unfunded liabilities. What this means is that around 90% of refugees would be living on food stamps, with over 70% of them being on cash welfare. While things aren’t too bright in the US, even the European Union is dealing with its own debt crisis and the recent Brexit situation, which means that the EU is down a rocky road of its own. So, why would you make matters worse by taking in more refugees?

Violent Crime will Increase

We’ve seen this happen before. Allowing a huge influx of refugees, most of whom are young men is bound to increase the crime rate. We’ve seen this in Germany during the New Year celebrations where mass rapes were reported. And that’s not all, according to reports, even the refugee shelters are said to be hotbeds for violent acts such as rapes and forced prostitution, which many NGOs and women’s rights groups have pointed out.

We have a Vulnerable Immigration System

Kenneth Palinkas, the president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council representing 12,000 immigration caseworkers has been a vocal of the fact that the current immigration system can be easily exploited by the likes of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Canada offers protection to people who are facing persecution in their country of origin due to reasons such as race, religion, nationality or political affiliations. As of now, there have been 25,000 Syrian refugees that have arrived in Canada. How many of these people have affiliations to ISIS or other terrorist organizations? Nobody knows, and by the looks of it, nobody seems to care!