Look Out Hillary! Trump’s on the Offense…Again

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Donald Trump has faced some stinging criticism during his presidential campaign, but as November grows near, the attacks on each other from both parties are nearing their boiling point. While most of the news coverage follows the unique and interesting was that Trump bashes his opponents, the Democrats have shown that they’re no slouch either. Hillary recently gave a mocking denunciation of Republican rival Trump. This didn’t sit too well with Trump so he made sure that he wouldn’t let Hillary Clinton stop him from making “America Great Again.”

Yup! That’s right, Trump is seeking revenge on the person who launched her smear campaign against him. And how does he plan on doing it? Well, for one he’s Trump, so doing some smearing of his one, kicking butt and taking names comes easy. But, Trump seems to have a more sophisticated trick up his sleeves this time round. According to sources, Trump will expose a shady billion dollar deal, and that’s not the least of what Trump has got planned for his rival Hillary Clinton. Some sources have also said that Trump plans to reveal Hillary’s gay double life, which oddly enough, ties into a story about Christina Aguilera and a certain someone whom shan’t be named.

Back in 2012, while the singer was doing a fundraiser for the presidential hopeful, she claimed that Clinton was caught staring at her bosoms. The funny thing is, there is a photo to prove it. While there’s nothing wrong with a woman staring at another woman’s bosom, there have also been previous reports of Hillary’s lesbian affairs.

Now Trump claims to have proof that he will reveal shortly. This got us thinking of what other dirt Trump has on his rival? While Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is taking its toll, it will be very interesting to see what the democrats have to say about their possibly first female president, or is it lesbian president?


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