Would be ISIS suicide bomber shot dead by police in Ontario

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A would suicide bomber and ISIS sympathizer was shot dead by police today in southern Ontario. 

Aaron Driver, 23, was killed by police 220 km east of Toronto in the community of Strathroy Ont. 

The man was known to police and is believed to be a lone wolf with many ties to terrorists organizations including ISIS. 

This report just in from CTV. 

Police believe Driver was acting alone in the alleged plot, and there is no threat to public safety. But officials were swarming Strathroy house until late Wednesday night, concerned about what may have been inside.

Neighbours reported hearing a loud explosion and gunshots during the police operation, which included swat teams, a bomb squad, the RCMP and Canada’s military special operations forces.

According to an internal government memo obtained by CTV News, the suspect allegedly planned to use an IED to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area. His alleged plan, according to the document, was to create mass casualties.

Officials feared that the plot could’ve been carried out on Wednesday during rush hour in a busy location.

The RCMP has not said what city was allegedly targeted. Security officials say there is no longer a threat to national security.

Driver was well known to police and intelligence officials. He was known for tweeting his support of ISIS, and he applauded the 2014 attack on Parliament Hill and encouraged ISIS to target Canadian military and police.

Police said there is no risk to public safety as of right now, the man is dead and investigations will continue, Driver has been arrested before on terroism charges but was set free.

More to come…