“Canada has Muslim blood on their hands” would-be Canadian suicide bomber

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Aaron Driver, 24, who was killed by police, was under a peace bond after openly supporting ISIS on social media.

“Canada has Muslim blood on their hands” said Aaron Driver on social media before his last arrest, his peace bond had agreements that he had to report to police twice a week, he wasn’t allowed to be on the internet said the peace bond, but the justice system has allowed him to freely walk the streets and he could very easily walk into any hardware store to pick up the supplies he needed to make bombs.

RCMP say they were given information from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation saying that Aaron Driver was planning a terror attack targeting an urban centre during either morning or afternoon rush hour sometime this week.

Does the justice system have enough tools to bring suspected terrorists behind bars and more safety to Canadians? The justice system is lacking experience when it comes to dealing with terrorists, Europe and Germany is going through it, Canada is just about to start, we have just been lucky so far.

Aaron Driver was killed by police in his home Friday just a few hours before his plan to kill many innocent people in the name of the so-called Islamic State.

PM Justin Trudeau has yet to make a statement.