Sorry Bill Morneau. The Global Economic Conditions Do Not Hide Your Party’s Gross Fiscal Mismanagement

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When you can’t find a way to explain your failures, the best approach is to blame it on someone else.

That’s what Canada’s finance minister Bill Morneau did. And that’s what many other Liberal leaders have been doing since they joined the government.

Morneau, following the similar approach, claims that the reason for Canada’s economic woes is not gross financial mismanagement by the government. It’s not the government’s abysmal economic policies. It’s not Trudeau’s lack of interest in anything except a photo op. Instead, it’s because the global economy, as a whole, is a shambles.

Speaking in Ontario to an audience full of businesspersons, the minister claimed that since the Trudeau-led Liberal Party won the elections last year, the international economic growth outlook has been marked down around 7 times. So really, according to Morneau, it’s the whole world’s fault if the Canadian economy is not doing well at the moment.

These were the first public comments by the finance minister since Statistics Canada released its report that highlighted the failures of the Liberal government when it comes to unemployment and the record levels of trade deficit. In just the month of May alone, Canada’s economy shrank 0.6 percent, which is the worst single month economic performance since the recession.

But, apparently, it’s the global economy’s fault.

What Morneau conveniently failed to mention at the event is that thousands of Canadian citizens lost their jobs in just the last month alone. He didn’t tell the audience that—despite bold claims by the Premier Kathleen Wynne—Ontario’s economy is still struggling as the job market continues to shrink and the deficit continues to grow. Maybe the minister didn’t find time to mention the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t even show up to the job rather than face all these challenges head on.

Morneau’s explanation is the reflection of a typical Liberal attitude. Play the blame game and play it well enough to evade responsibility. So far it’s working out well for them. But will their attempt at outsmarting the voters do any wonders for them in the next elections? That remains to be seen.


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