Trump is ‘very, very scary man’ – Premier Wynne tells Sault kids

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Well, if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

Out of all the people to question the leadership capabilities of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne should be the last one. In a visit to Northern Ontario, Wynne conducted a tour of a school led by student ambassadors.

When Gavin Smith—a grade-7 student and one of the young ambassadors—asked Wynne about her opinion on Trump, she told him the Republican nominee was a “very, very scary man.”

Now this is interesting.

This isn’t the first time the Premier has expressed her views on Donald Trump. In June this year, during a trip to Washington, she was more than keen to tell the world how bad a president Trump would turn out to be.

During an interview at the Canadian embassy in Washington, she said, “I think that a candidate for the presidency of the United States who is intent on being divisive, who is intent on ignoring the realities of the global economy, and doesn’t see the benefit of an inclusive, pluralistic society – I think it’s very dangerous for Canada, and I think it’s dangerous for the world.”

Notice the repeated use of the word dangerous in her statement. It sure does remind us of another politician. Hmm, let us think who that might be. It’s Premier Wynne herself. What a coincidence! Who would have thought?

Wynne considers Trump to ignore the realities of the global economy. That’s precisely what she did when she compared Ontario’s economic “growth” to that of Canada, United States, and the whole G7. And she didn’t even mention the unbelievably slow growth rate or the mounting debt problem in which Ontario finds itself.

She thinks Trump is divisive. Who, in the entire Liberal Party, is more divisive than Wynne herself? She thinks Trump can’t handle criticism. What about her decision to go on despite the fierce opposition to her environmental policies?

Trump may be brutally honest in his political statements but that’s not exactly what makes a politician dangerous. What makes a leader dangerous is when they use their authority to jeopardize the future of your constituency.

It’s up to you to decide who’s more dangerous—Wynne or Trump?


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