Liberals to flood Canada with Chinese workers for mass immigration plan 

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It hasn’t been long since Statistics Canada released its comprehensive report which revealed absolutely abysmal unemployment figures for the month of July. It was an extremely important document. And we wrote at length about the implications of the newest unemployment statistics, particularly the situation in two of the worst performing provinces Alberta and Ontario.
But we doubt that Prime Minister Trudeau even read the report because his policies seem at odds with the reality of the unemployment situation on the ground. Instead of creating newer jobs for the vast number of unemployed people in the country, he’s looking to import more workers from China and integrate them into the Canadian economy.

McCallum’s mission

The Minister for Immigration John McCallum is actively engaged in making efforts to attract those Chinese workers. He is currently leading the government’s efforts to double the number of Canada’s offices in China where the locals can apply for Canadian visas. The goal of the efforts is to increase the number of visitors, students and, more importantly, workers from China.

He spent two days engaged in meetings with Chinese officials to make arrangements to reach closer to the goal of more Canadian presence in China. But these are not just random efforts. McCallum is setting the groundwork for the Prime Minister’s visit to China for the upcoming G20 summit.

The Liberal logic

In an email to CBC News, an anonymous government official tried to explain the rationale behind inviting all these Chinese workers. He wrote, “We want to facilitate the entry of people who can make some great contributions to Canada while they are here, and hopefully be able to retain them.”

Well, we have no choice but to say that this explanation makes no sense whatsoever. The government cannot hide the horrible consequences of their actions behind fancy-sounding vague words like “great contributions to Canada.” They need to explain to the people that inviting more Chinese workers will rob Canadians of their jobs.

Let’s see how many people vote for the Liberals in the next elections, then.