Recent Poll Shows Canadians are Ready to be Tough on Refugee Policy

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Donald Trump the presidential nominee for the Republican Party has single handedly created a rift between the American people. It all started with his remarks on a temporary banning Muslims from entering the US, following the San Bernardino shooting incident. Those words were repeated during his speech at the Republican National Convention, but the word Muslim was replaced with suspending the immigration of people from all nations that have been compromised by terrorism.

After that speech, it was open season for the Democrats, who repeatedly called Trump an “Islamophobe” a word that was created by fascists and used by imbeciles to manipulate morons. Critics of Trump have been quick to say that Trump’s remarks have been damaging to the image of not only the Republican Party but the US as well. But, Trump may have a point here. According to a poll, when Canadians were asked about if they supported the ban immigrants from entering Canada, the majority of them voted in its favor.

According to the poll, the strongest support came from Quebec where nearly 62% supported the move. Alberta came in second in the poll which showed support for the ban. The poll was carried out between July 27th and 29th, a week after the Republican National Convention. A terrorism expert from the University of Calgary said that it was expected for people in the poll to feel that way about the refugee crisis in the EU, which can have a negative impact on the rest of the world as well, and especially those countries that are hosting these refugees. During the poll, a vast majority of Canadians also agreed that there should be in increase in security measures when it comes to the screening of Syrian refugees who have already entered the country. The Trudeau Administration has resettled around 29,000 refugees from war-torn Syria since 2015. But, it is also worth mentioning that the pace at which Syrian refugees are entering Canada has also slowed down since February.  


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