Refugee Crisis or an Orchestrated Invasion of Europe by Young Males

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There is a lot of rhetoric about how not letting refugees into the EU from war torn Syria and Afghanistan is racist. Syria has gone through a five-year civil war that has left much of the country devastated and has forced hundreds of thousands of Syrians to flee their country and find refuge in countries such as Germany, France, Greece and other countries in the EU. But, there have been some interesting statistics that point towards not a depressing, but a disturbing fact.

According to the latest research done by PEW only 27% of the refugees that have either applied for asylum or have been found at the borders of EU countries are women. And what’s even more interesting about the recent study is that countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gambia have sent no females at all. In fact, recent polls have shown that in the number of refugees that have entered Europe, men outnumber women nearly three to one.

The first problem that arises with this disturbing data is that the host countries then ends up with an imbalance in the number of men and women in their populations, which will undoubtedly have substantial economical and social impacts as well. The main problem is that these refuges that find themselves in foreign lands where they neither share the culture or language of the natives experience further disconnection and isolation in their host countries, which leads to little hope of forming any meaningful relationships or starting a family, which is a recipe for disaster.

While there is no problem in helping out people who are from other countries, it is the duty of the host country to give some time to the local population to assimilate and absorb the flows of refugees into their country and culture. Not doing so will without a doubt bring those countries to their breaking point.


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