Three Things No Liberal Or Democrat Will Tell You

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If you’re planning on having a living room debate on why the Democrats should win the 2016 presidential election, quit while you’re still ahead. Since the beginning President Obama has been answering questions about health reform and improving the American economy, but still, the third degree continues. Why? Because there are some truths that even your friendly neighborhood Democrat won’t tell you.

The Truth about Healthcare

Forget about the back and forth that’s going on about which party plans to improve the sorry state of healthcare in the US, and which party plans to raid healthcare to a tune of hundreds of billions and deprive seniors in the process. While the Democrats still want to believe that healthcare or Obamacare as we know it can be preserved. The truth is that is can’t. It has been running a cash flow deficit for years and even though it’s been retooled, reformed and repackaged with a new name, its continues in its present state. The bottom line when it comes to healthcare in the US is that without a reform in the fee structure it will not get any better.

Not that ‘Forward’ After all!

Back in 2012, the Obama campaign adopted ‘Forward’ as its party’s slogan, and they also used the word as their rally cry at conventions. The recent Democratic conventions have also given us a hint of the same characteristics, but did you know that ‘Forward’ was the preferred term used by Marxists. Don’t take our word for it? How about “Great Leap Forward” used by Mao, or “Spring Forward” used by Lenin. The word was used frequently to describe the Socialists movement, Lenin even named his newspaper ‘Vperyod’ which you guessed it, meant ‘Forward’.   

The President Can’t Create Jobs

While experts are quick to crank up estimates, the truth is that the president does not create jobs, but rather creates an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and job creation, bashing businesses, banks and oil companies isn’t the right way to go.