Why Voting for Trump Makes More Sense Then You Think

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Like a schoolboy falling for a girl, it seems like Americans have fallen for the honest and brash demeanor, and of course, his unfiltered words, that aren’t always on point, but never off the point either. Yes, he has his views, and he’s entitled to them or so it says in our constitution, and come November, may the best man win (not to sound sexist, but we really hope it’s the man this time!).

Even a year before the Republican National Convention, Trump teased his supporters and slammed his opponents with merciless vigor. Trump notoriety on stage proved to exceed far past his many high-rise buildings, and has brought the people in both the Democrat and his very own Republican camp to a point of complete surrender (well, maybe not ‘complete’, but it’s getting there!).

In the pursuit of the presidency, and the power and prestige that’s in the title “Mr. President” Trump has sometimes come across as being erratic and irreverent even. But, few would deny the fact that there has never been a presidential candidate like Trump in the history of American politics.

So, he has sacrificed nothing for America, what’s the big deal anyway? We don’t recall any sacrifices made by previous presidents, such as Obama, Bush or Clinton, and what about his running mate, Hillary Clinton? How many sacrifices has Hillary made apart from trying to sacrifice government property?

When it comes to political blunders, one need not look any further than the current Obama Administration to find that we have been given many, courtesy of the Liberals. Now it’s time for America to turn a new page in history, a time vote for someone who the people can trust, (Hillary is pretty much out of the question because of the email scandal), someone who won’t make false promises like Obama’s closure of Guantanamo, and most of all, somebody who doesn’t have deep ties with lobbyists in Washington and heads of large corporations, who put money first and the lives of people second.

All you Trump loathers out there need to understand that Trump is the only hope for making American great again!