Liberal Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau Wasted Thousands Of Dollars Of Taxpayer Money On A Wasteful Trip

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It’s never a bad day for a good old-fashioned Liberal spending spree.

The esteemed members of our government are continuing to set an example by wasting away thousands of dollars on unplanned trips. One such example is of the Minister for International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau.

Recent email conversations acquired by the media show that the federal government officials had to book highly expensive flights to bring the minister back into the country so that she could vote on Bill C-14 about doctor-assisted dying.

At the time of the voting, Bibeau was at a Copenhagen conference on rights and health of girls and women when the government officials realized they needed her back at the House of Commons to vote for the bill.

One of the emails by a staffer to Bibeau and her colleagues read:

“We just received a call from the whip’s office. The Minister needs to be back in Ottawa for a vote tomorrow afternoon. She is to be back for 3 p.m. I am not joking.”

According to the original schedule, Bibeau had to visit Paris, then Istanbul, and then Geneva to attend other events. But the decision to bring her back demanded that the staff had to book her two new flights—the first to bring her back to Ottawa for the vote and the other to take her back to Istanbul to resume the visits.  

These tickets cost her more than $6,524 and $7,473 respectively. The total cost of the trip reached up to a staggering $17,678 plus an additional 260 Euros in cancellation fee for the hotels she was supposed to stay in Paris.

However, this is not the most outrageous aspect of the entire endeavor. The trip was not only extremely expensive, but wholly unnecessary. Bibeau didn’t necessarily have to go since her vote was paired with Conservative Member of Parliament Mike Lake who was also in Copenhagen at the time. So both their votes essentially cancelled each other out.

What’s even more astonishing is that Bibeau was not even present during the voting on the bill. Why, then, was such a wasteful trip necessary?


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