Muslim Refugee: “We don’t care about Canadian laws! Nine year old are considered adult”

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Adamant about THIS BEING THE RIGHT VERSION OF ISLAM. Al-Hasshim Atangana is one of the Muslim Dawah Leaders at Yonge and Dundas and many Leaders share his view. In this video, there is admission that he slapped another Christian because he differed from his view and feels this is very islamic. Admits that Islam encourages the killing of Christians due to differing about religion. This man is a former Catholic convert, and the local Toronto mosques and/or Islamic books gave him this mindset.

Thoughts??? In my opinion I think if you come to Canada One should have to follow Canadian law no matter what religion. I’m not saying change but respect OUR Country!

This too me doesn’t seem respectful. Everyone should keep religion to themselves and only worry about their family. Don’t try and push religion down ppls throats.

Watch the video and give us your thoughts.


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