Why Did The Alleged Terrorist Aaron Driver Choose The Path of Violence?

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“The light went out. Completely. Forever. I knew he was lost, but I didn’t know how far gone he was.”

Those were the words of Wayne Driver, the father of the suspected terrorist Aaron Driver, who was recently killed in an operation by the RCMP before he found a chance to carry out a suicide attack in a busy public place and cause mass casualties. In an extremely emotional interview with CBC News, Driver poured his heart out about his son’s past and some of the issues he faced while growing up.

Driver didn’t exactly see eye to eye with his son who went away on a completely different path after Aaron’s mother passed away when he was seven. They didn’t share a particularly close or cozy relationship even when she was alive.

Aaron Driver started gaining notoriety due to his pro-ISIS social media activity and extremely controversial statements including, but not limited to, when he spoke in favor of the Parliament Hill Attack.

Although raised as a Christian, he had turned to a particularly militaristic interpretation of Islam through internet and social media. He began raising the flag of ISIS in Canada and was under scrutiny by Canadian intelligence, law enforcement, and even the courts.

He was even arrested last year over concerns that he would potentially carry out terrorist activities. Later, he was able to secure a peace bond which granted him freedom on the conditions that he will not use cellular phones and social media.

Aaron’s troubled story and twisted mindset are examples of the dangers of radicalization. But it’s now evident that the Liberal government is not prepared to learn from these lessons. Even after the killing of Aaron Driver, the Liberal Party still plans on repealing parts of counterterrorism measures adopted by the Stephen Harper’s government. How many more acts of terror need to happen before they understand?


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