Obama and Family to move to Vancouver if Trump wins with Trudeau’s help

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President Barack Obama is not impressed with the republican nominee Donald Trump who has a good chance to be the 46th President of the United States, with Hillary Clinton getting caught up in scandal after scandal the chances for Donald Trump to win are great according to polls.

Obama was talking to the White House press corps when he expressed his “deep disappointment” with the republican party’s nominee, leading him and the First Lady to explore other options. “It’s something Michelle, the kids and I have discussed as a potential solution to the Donald,” he said. “I have also spoken with Prime Minister Trudeau who outlined Canada’s generous immigration policy for wealthy individuals, so we’ll see.”

While Toronto is not out of question to move to, Obama said on his wage he can probably afford to move to Vancouver,  “Honestly, I don’t really think we can afford to buy a place in Vancouver on a former U.S. president’s salary, but with our friends the Trudeau family and their help, I’m sure we can get a place on the west coast.”

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