Pastor attacked by muslims has a message for America

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What is the unifying consistent for situations where a Christian Pastor has acid thrown in his face by Muslims in Uganda, Muslim brothers are beheading their Muslim brothers in an internecine civil war in Syria, Muslim warriors are kidnapping young girls in Africa and selling them as sex slaves, Muslims are trying to blow up more buildings in New York, Muslims are initiating genocide on Christians in Iraq and Muslims in Gaza are targeting Jewish civilians in their effort to destroy Israel.
In as much as our lefty heroes of academia are now chocking on their tofu, not believing that someone actually used the term “Islam” in a sentence without killing its essence by the death of a thousand qualifications, the uncomfortable fact remains, at least forensically. Certainly, other unifying consistent include the breathing of oxygen and chewing with teeth, but for the mildly curious, those factors just don’t seem to get someone all jihad-ed up enough to enjoy watching the blood of life flow from hapless teenage girls. No, there has to be something else and that something else is graphically illustrated subjectively and objectively in this short interview with Pastor Umar Mulinde.
In this February 2012 interview with Pastor Mulinde which is part five of our special series on the war in Israel our objective is to present as a policy consideration the observation (fact) that much of the violent mayhem in process worldwide has at its root, the system of Islam. We use the phrase “system of Islam” as stated earlier in a forensic manner, simply reaching that conclusion after a thorough evaluation of the evidence, professionally avoiding any coloring of the facts for political or personal reasons. Again, the choking you hear in the background is that pesky tofu which is so hard to swallow.

EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!! WAKE UP!! Pastor issues a warning to Americans. One thing Islam is doing to you is causing you to be fearful. Stand up and speak out against the invasion of Islamization which is going on in your country. Stand up before it’s too late. If you allow the Muslims to intimidate you within time your children and grandchildren will be Muslims. Stand up right now to defeat the globalization of Islam.



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