John McCallum Calls for an Increase in Immigration to fill Labour needs

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Canadian Immigration Minister, John McCallum wants Canada to increase immigration to the country beyond its current labour record in an attempt to fulfill its country’s labour needs. McCallum has pointed out to an aging population as one of the main reasons of increasing the number of immigrants to the country.

According to reports, McCallum is working on new laws and immigration policies that can be used to welcome workers from other countries. One of the countries that is the main focus of McCallum is attract workers from China, where he is working towards creating more offices where the Chinese can go to seek visas.

Under the Trudeau administration, 2016 will see over 300,000 new permanent residents, which is already a significant increase from the previous record which stood at 260,000 at the end of 2015. McCallum also has plans to unveil its three year immigration plan which will highlight new changes that need to be made in Canada’s immigration policies to promote innovation and consequently help the economy grow.

While McCallum has said that no final decision has been made by the Trudeau Administration regarding the new immigration policies, he is working closely to get his colleagues in the cabinet on board for the new plan, and to try and convince the Canadians that this is the right way forward.

According to the plan, McCallum has called for easier rules so that students from other countries can come to Canada for their studies and eventually become permanent residents. Apart from that, he is also looking to eliminate the requirement of a labour market impact assessment, which is basically a document that every employer in Canada is required to have in order to hire foreign workers. Getting rid of this requirement alone is said to have a positive impact on the overall hiring of non-Canadian employees, and will benefit the economy in the long run.


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