What we Know About ISIL Sympathizer Aaron Driver?

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Just when Canadians were starting to feel smug, saying that they don’t “do crazy” reports have surfaced of a Canadian born citizen who did in fact… “Do crazy!” Early on Thursday morning, police shot and killed a 24 year old man who was allegedly conspiring a terror plot in Canada.

The shooting took place after a tip of by the FBI, which alerted law enforcement on Aaron Driver’s plot to attack a major urban centre in Canada, within 72 hours. According to reports, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were alerted by the FBI that Driver who lives in Ontario was planning to carry out an attack during rush hour sometime within the next two days.

Aaron Driver who was a resident of Strathroy a neighbourhood in southern Ontario was already on the radar of law enforcement since he showed support for ISIL and offered his allegiance to the barbaric group that has been terrorizing citizens of Iraq and Syria, and have been the main cause behind the exodus of millions of refugees from those areas.

While investigations are still underway, authorities have no idea as to when Aaron Driver became radicalized, except that he arrived at a mosque nearly a year ago. This information was provided by the local imam who was concerned after he noticed a GPS bracelet on Driver’s ankle.

Driver also posted his radical views online and expressed his sympathies to ISIL as well, which is what prompted senior Mosque officials to notify the police. Driver was shot and killed by police during a confrontation outside his home. The young man didn’t go quietly and detonated an explosive in the back of a taxi. Luckily, nobody was killed, but the cab driver did sustain some minor injuries. According to official reports, the explosive device was homemade, possibly by Driver. Canadian law enforcement agencies are on high alert and are searching for possible accomplices.