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Donald Trump Promises Extreme Vetting For Incoming Immigrants If Elected

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Donald Trump is on a mission.

And his mission is to ensure one thing—law and order. The Republicans, this year, have centered their campaign on a single primary promise. They aim to restore the rule of law in America and eliminate the threat of extremism and radicalization that comes with immigration.

And this is why he’s willing to go further than anyone who took part in this year’s presidential race. One of Trump’s most famous declarations was about a temporary ban on Muslims until America, collectively, was able to sort this problem out. And now he has another proposal.

Changes in visa application

Trump’s suggestion is simple. He believes that anyone who supports Sharia law should not be allowed into the United States. Trump expressed this view in his foreign policy speech at a rally in Ohio. Anyone who enters the US, according to Trump, should be subject to what he calls “extreme vetting.”

In simple terms, it’s an ideological test for anyone who wants to enter the US. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the US constitution simply won’t be allowed. And this would apply not just moving to the US. It would apply to the visitors as well.

The rationale

“Our country has enough problems,” claims Trump. “We don’t need more.” In essence, this is the core purpose behind his new immigration plan. And, according to Trump, this is nothing new. “In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today.”

But this is not the Cold War. This is the era of political correctness. Urgent though the need to impose stringent security measures may be, you’re simply not allowed to make such statements. Trump’s proposal, under such circumstances, is a bold move. And if we want to truly keep radicalization at bay, a bold move may be what we need.


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