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Having Sex with A 12-Year-Old is Not Child Abuse in Turkey Anymore

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What on earth is happening in Turkey?

The country which claimed to be the bastion of secular values in the Islamic world is now edging further and further towards Sharia law. The failure of the recent alleged coup attempt in the country gave its President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unlimited powers to quash his opposition and suspend all human rights in Turkey to create a one-man rule.

And now the courts in the country are on their way to legalizing child sex in the country. Turkey, it seems, is on its way to becoming a full-on Islamic state.

The court’s ruling

Until recently, all sexual acts with children under 15 were considered to be sexual abuse in Turkey and were punished as such. However, the Constitutional Court in the country has now annulled that provision. Basically, having sex with a 12-year-old won’t be considered child abuse under Turkey’s law anymore.

And the reason? The decision by the Constitutional Court was a result of the application by a local court which was concerned that the there was no discrimination between age groups when it came to child sex abuse. What the court believes is that the “consent” of children from ages 12 to 15 should also be taken into account. And so, even though technically the age of consent in Turkey is still 18, criminals can get away with abusing children older than 12 much more easily.

Turkey’s reaction

Instead of creating laws to protect the right of children in the country, political authorities in Turkey began entering into arguments with representatives of other countries who criticized the move.

Turkey summoned the Austrian charge d’affairs to remove a headline about the news in the Austrian newspapers. It also summoned Sweden’s envoys to complain about Swedish foreign minister’s criticism of the decision.

The reaction by Turkey to the news is indicative of their approach to the issue. It is more concerned with its image than the actual safety of its children.


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