Make No Mistake. Alberta’s Poor Economy Is Rachel Notley’s Fault

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It is sometimes sad to observe the divisive nature of Canadian politics where politicians consistently fail to admit their faults. Blaming on the predecessors is the norm. They may be quick to take the credit for others’ achievements but they’re not as willing to take the fall for their errors.

One of the prime examples of this attitude is Rachel Notley and the supporters of the National Democratic Party. Despite continual failures in the province and the utter lack of governance, it’s hard to admit for them that Notley’s government is not working.  

In fact, political commentators like Terry Etam are quick to point a finger at the previous Progressive Conservative government and blame them for the current state of affairs in Alberta. For instance, Etam believes that the reason energy companies are suffering so much in Alberta “is fundamentally due to the price of oil, which has nothing to do with any government.”

Wrong. While there’s no denying that the drop in global price of oil does play a huge role in economic weakness, it is not the only reason why many energy companies are eager to leave Alberta. The NDP government is equally responsible.

Consider yourself, for a moment, in Notley’s place. You take charge of a province that finds itself amidst falling oil prices. What would you do to ensure that the leading energy companies stay? Offer them incentives? Provide them with the prospects of a better future?

What Notley did was the exact opposite. Instead of offering the companies more incentives, she raised the taxes. She raised the corporate tax from 10 to 12 percent. On top of that, there was the Carbon Tax. And if that wasn’t all, she spoke in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline project.

Is it a wonder, then, that many largest energy corporations are making more investments in third world countries than Alberta?


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