Trudeau is Canada’s Arms-dealer-in-Chief!

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Vibrant, progressive, flamboyant, sexy even?? These are some of the things that come to mind when talking about President Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Blue Eyed Boy, the apple of Canada’s eye, the best thing to happen to the folks up North since sliced bread. While Trudeau has carefully carved out an appearance of being the perfect politician, the kid you would expect if Dr. King, JFK and Tom Cruise hooked up. Turns out, with the many cute selfies of Trudeau with adorable babies, and the like, Canada and the West have created a neo-liberal mirage that Canadians and the world seemed to have fallen in love with without finding the need to see beyond the heaps of selfies, pictures and photo-bombs. So, let’s have a look shall we.

The fact of the matter is that Trudeau, while being a fresh face in Canadian politics still clings to the malicious and nasty ways of his predecessor when it comes to international affairs. For example, not too long ago, Trudeau visited Europe and more specifically, Brussels to meet up with his NATO colleagues. IT was there that Trudeau made the shocking announcement that he would be dispatching a contingent of troops and other military hardware, including jets to Latvia, in what he described as a move to blunt Russia’s so-called advances in the territory.

Turdeau’s assertiveness in this situation was of course applauded by the new-con pundits and the liberals, with the kind of enthusiasm that was last seen during the Bush administration when America decided that Saddam Hussain had to go and cooked up a tale of WMDs that to this day remain elusive to the American troops and their allies in Iraq.

This recent action by Trudeau is yet another example of how once again, the liberals seem to have dismissed “foolish” diplomacy in favour of bellicose posturing, the consequences of which we, and certainly the people living in Europe are all too familiar with.

It’s high time Canadians and the rest of the world see Trudeau for what he really is, Canada’s Arms-dealer-in-Chief!