Trump Makes Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon the New Head of His Campaign

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Donald Trump’s campaign is getting more interesting by the minute.

In a significant move to overhaul his campaign, Trump is bringing in two key people that can change the face of the campaign. Both individuals will occupy the top positions in the campaign and will be able to wield incredible decision-making power.

And one of those people is Breitbart’s very own Stephen Bannon.

The former Goldman Sachs banker and the current executive chairman of popular publication Breitbart News is a staunch conservative and has been quite outspoken in favor of Donald Trump. Bannon will join the campaign as its new chief executive. Aiding him in his mission, as campaign manager, would be Kellyanne Conway—a veteran Republican strategist.

There can be many reasons for the recent appointments. It might be a response to a slight decrease in Trump’s poll numbers in certain key states. Trump’s campaign appears to be suffering from a full-on onslaught from the liberal media and the consequences are apparent.

Another potential reason for the appointment is that the campaign has grown simply too big to be managed by a single person alone. Paul Manafort continues to be the campaign’s chairman. This indicates that there has been no internal split within the campaign. The reason for the appointments, then, could be to support Manafort in his increasingly demanding job.

With the new appointments, Trump seeks to steer the ship in the right direction and regain some of the momentum that may have been lost after the Democratic attack on his politics. He now seeks to regain the lead in the battleground states.

“I want to win,” Trump told the media. “That’s why I’m bringing on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win.”


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