Worried About the Future of Syrian Refugees? We Already Have an Example

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Radicalization of refugees has always been a concern for any country hosting an immigrant population. However, many dismiss such a possibility outright. Why would someone escaping ISIS, they ask, want to be part of the same organization? Others demand factual evidence regarding the link between refugees and radicalization.

Those in search for a factual basis of such claims can turn to yesterday’s statement by Germany’s intelligence agencies. The local intelligence agency in Germany says that it has recorded no less than 340 attempts by ISIS and other Islamic groups to find potential recruits in refugee camps. It’s truly surprising.

Or is it?

Refugee radicalization

Many of the liberal supporters of increased immigrations ignore the simple fact that one of the key drivers of radicalization is socioeconomic disadvantage.

Many of the refugees in foreign countries face language barriers and are unable to find jobs or integrate in the society. Amid poverty and squalor, they turn to religion—their only source of solace. The next natural step is rebelling against the system and teaching a lesson to the country which gave them nothing but misery.

Is Canada on the brink?

The influx of thousands of Syrian refugees in the country is a cause of concern for many. Some believe that it may have given a chance for terrorism and radical Muslims to enter Canada. However, that’s not the only threat the country faces. The real challenge, for all of us, is what would happen if the needs of the refugees aren’t taken care of.

And we already have an example of a failed refugee experiment. According to the recent figures released by the government, Iraqi refugees didn’t fare too well in Canada. They got less jobs and earned less money compared to other refugees. Other problems included language barriers and health problems.

With a new group of refugees, bringing with themselves a new set of problems, is Canada nothing more than a ticking time bomb? Only time would tell.